Find others with the drive you have.
Kworks community benefits everyone.

Welcome to the Community!

Part of what makes Kworks special and keeps people coming back week after week: the other people who share the space – like-minded professionals focused on pursuing career goals without compromising their roles as parents.

We’re proud of the community we’ve developed here, and are committed to nurture and reward it, not just with discounts and deals, but through exclusive events for our growing Kworks family.

There’s no minimum amount of hours or blocks you need to rent in order to take advantage of these offering. Our goal is to understand and service your needs as a professional and a parent. Some events include:

    • In-house Guest Speaker Events – given by influential speakers from local industries or by community members interested in sharing their experiences.
    • Workshops – run by experts and peers, touching upon a variety of topics, from Coding HTML CSS Javascript to Starting Your Own Etsy Store to Baby Sleep Training, and more.
    • Support Group Meetings – brings together the community for “success teaming” sessions, sharing ideas, and supporting each other as they aim to meet and surpass their business goals.
    • Meetup Events – helps keep everyone in the community informed of upcoming events at Kworks and other relevant opportunities happening in and around the Long Island community.

For more information or to book a block of time, contact us at

Order your block of time.

Kworks business model is built on your customized needs. Our space is available in blocks of three hours at a time. See what you need for your schedule and start today.

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